Boards & Committees

These boards provide a wide variety of valuable technical, advisory and administrative services to the City and its residents. Appointments to the various boards are made by Moss Point Board of Aldermen. The length of term for committee appointees varies from one to five years.

Become a Member

To be appointed to a board, commission or committee in Moss Point one must be a resident of Moss Point. An individual must express an interest in serving on a board to a Board of Aldermen Member or the City Clerk, and then submit a resume to the City Clerk's Office by the required deadline. The individual must submit to a background check and be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Aldermen. To inquire about vacancies, call the City Clerk's office.

Following appointment to a board, commission or committee, the individual is notified in writing of the appointment, along with the length of term, expiration date, and instructions to take an oath of office, if necessary.