The Building and Planning Department provides efficient management of the City's:

  • Building Codes
  • Ordinances
  • Licenses
  • Premises
  • Flood Plain Management

The Building Department makes sure all structures are not in violation of health, safety, or hazard standards.

Complaints and Non-Compliance

To file a complaint or notify us of any non-compliance, please call the Planning Department at 228-769-3056 or use our online contact form.

American Disabilities Act

The ADA prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in:

  • Commercial Facilities
  • Employment
  • Public Accommodations
  • State and Local Government Services
  • Transportation

It also mandates the establishment of TDD and telephone relay services.

Back-Flow Prevention

The Mississippi State Department of Health requires that cities help keep public water clean; it must be isolated from undesirable reversals of water flow or mixtures of water with liquids, gases, or toxic health-hazard substances in the distribution of the potable water system. Back-flow Prevention assemblies provide that protection and must be tested at least annually.

For businesses and industries requiring the Back-flow assembly test, the maintenance report form must be submitted annually with your business and/or privilege license. For qualified testers, please see The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Bureaus of Public Water Supply (Back-flow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) list).

City of Moss Point Planning Commission Hearing Date Timeline