Firefighters are skilled personnel with the knowledge to perform their duties. The Mississippi requirement to be a career firefighter is that you have one year from your date of hire to become certified through Mississippi Fire Personnel Minimum Standards and Certification Board (MSCD). We also formed regional partnerships with other corporations and fire departments for specialized training and to strengthen resources during an emergency.

Fire Department Candidates & Physical Fitness

Persons wishing to seek employment with the Moss Point Fire Department (MPFD) may do so by completing an application with City of Moss Point Human Resources Department.

When the Moss Point Fire Department needs eligible candidates for the position of fire fighter the Civil Service Secretary will advertise in the newspaper and other social media. All eligible candidates will be notified of the date and location of all testing procedures.

The hiring process for new firefighter candidates will be given in five phases
  • Background Check
  • Chief Selection
  • Oral Interview
  • Physical Abilities
  • Written Exam
As phases are separate stand-a-lone elements of the hiring process the fire fighter candidate must complete each phase with a passing score to become eligible for employment. "Remember the higher the score the greater the candidate's chances are for employment."

Phase Two (2) - Physical Abilities (PA)

Prior to taking test, the candidate must at least 18 years of age, have possession of a GED/high school diploma, and a valid driver's license.

The candidate must complete:
  • One and a Half (1.5) Mile Run in 14 Minutes or Less
  • 25 or More Push-Ups in 2 Minutes or Less
  • 35 or More Bent Knee/Arms Across Chest Sit-Ups in 2 Minutes or Less
  • 1 or More Palm in or Palm Out Pull-Ups in 1 Minute or Less
  • 50 or More Simulated Wood Chops in 2 Minutes or Less
  • 75 Feet Victim Rescue Drag in Less Than 2 Minutes. (Victim {Manikin} Weight is 175 lbs)
If a candidate states they can no longer complete any number of events or repetitions, even though time may allow, that segment of their test ends and they will either move to the next event or their test will be over.

After successful completion of the Physical Agilities test the candidate will take a written Civil Service Exam, candidates taking the Civil Service Exam are required to make a passing grade of 70 or above. Successful Candidates' will then be interviewed by the Civil Service Commission and the Fire Chief.

Background Checks will be conducted on all eligible candidates.

The entire physical abilities test will/should be proctored and or observed by Civil Service member or members for security and equality.

A fire fighter sprays a smoking fire with a fire hose at night.
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Special Training

Special training would include:
  • Airport firefighters training and Rescue
  • Driver Operator I and II
  • Fire Hydrant Maintenance
  • Fire Investigations
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Haz-mat Operations
  • Marine and Technical Rescue Teams
  • Public Fire and Life Safe Education