Risk Management

Process Overview

The City's Risk Management program is administered through the Human Resources Department. Its goal is to reduce the financial impact of claims, lawsuits and employee injuries to the City and to provide a safe environment for employees to work and the public to enjoy. In doing so, this program, plays a vital role in freeing up dollars which would otherwise be spent on claims and claims-related issues, making them available for other beneficial uses throughout the City.

How to File a Claim

Claims filed against the City must be made in writing and must be completed in accordance to the Mississippi Tort Claim Act 11-46-11. Claims should be filed as soon as possible but must be presented to the City no later than one (1) year after the date of the incident or event.

If the claim involves property damage, documentation such as photographs and estimates will assist in evaluating the claim. (Please note that photographs will not be returned if provided). You may also wish to include items such as invoices, actual bills or receipts and a detailed list of damages.

If the claim involves personal (bodily) injury, detailed documentation of the injury and related medical expenses should be provided as well.

Submit a Claim

Once you have gathered the appropriate information and have documented your claim, it should be mailed or personally presented in hard copy format to:

The City of Moss Point
4320 McInnis Avenue.
Moss Point, MS 39563
Attention: Human Resources Department

Please allow forty-five (45) days for processing and investigation of a claim. The request by the City for additional information about a claim should not be construed to mean that the City will accept liability. Any information provided will be evaluated as part of the investigative process.