Development Strategies

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Draft Comprehensive Plan:  The Mayor and Board of Aldermen seek public review and input to guide their decision making for final adoption.                                                                                                                                          Moss Point Profile:  This demographic and market data report can be a useful tool for Brokers, Site Selectors and the existing business community to determine new business locations, product mix and opportunities.                                                                                                                         Apartment Survey:  Compare rental rates and other useful information on the apartment market on the Gulf Coast. Prepared by the Gulf Regional Planning Commission.                                                                                                    Tax Exemption Policy:  Document Below                                                                                                 

Social and Civic Resources

  1. Vision, Mission and Goals
  2. Historic Preservation
  3. Draft Comprehensive Plan
  4. City Profile
  5. Downtown Riverfront
  6. Real Estate
  7. Assets and Natural Resources
  8. Business Resources
  9.       Incentives        Tax Exemption
  10. Social and Civic Resources


Moss Point is a beautiful, world-class river city that is environmentally important and globally competitive with a high quality of life, vibrant and diverse economy, growing tax base and opportunity for all.

reate an environment that attracts private investment and development opportunities to make Moss Point a better place to live, work, learn, visit and play!

evelop a diversified economic base and growing economy to create jobs, enhance our quality of life and improve our long-term competitive position in the region.

  • Rising Tax Base
  • New and Better Jobs
  • Vibrant Quality of Life


  • Quality of Place
  • Quality of Opportunity
  • Quality of Talent

  • Promote Positive Image and Perceptions of the City
  • Foster Leadership
  • Support Existing Businesses
  • Attract New Businesses
  • Stimulate Tourism
  • Attract New Residents