First Lady Natasha King


First Lady Natasha King of Moss Point, MS is the wife of Mayor Mario King and the mother of Princess Kamaria King and Karleigh Gray King. 

Natasha King was born and raised in Bay St. Louis, MS but fell in love with Moss Point through meeting Mayor King in their 8th grade year of school at a basketball game. Natasha and Mario were high school sweethearts and went on to college together at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS. Natasha and Mario became parents after freshmen year with the surprise of Princess Kamaria King. Natasha completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science in 2010 from the University of Southern Mississippi. She then earned her Master’s Degree also from the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently a mental/behavioral health therapist at the University of Southern Mississippi. Natasha provides mental health and behavioral health services in the Coastal Family Health in Moss Point, MS as well as the Moss Point School District.  Natasha has currently begun to finish up some pre-requisite courses and apply to medical school to become a Psychiatrist. 

Natasha's passion and focus are tailored to improving the outcomes of those affected by mental health issues.  However, her priorities are common God, wife, and mother and she is thankful for a supporting and loving base at home.  Natasha's family is clearly her greatest asset and her life exemplifies her love and passion for them!  She is launching LOVE ME, an awareness campaign focused on loving the person you are first and focusing on YOU. The campaign has three pillars, education, emotional well-being, and societal influences. She believes it is important for all people to continue to educate themselves throughout life so they are equipped to reach their full potential. Natasha believes emotional well-being is key to being able to navigate your life in the most positive way.  Furthermore, understanding the positive and negative effects of society and how to successfully navigate the new norms without breaking is essential to one's quality of life.  Register now to be apart of First Lady Natasha King mailing list.