Board of Aldermen



The mayor-board of aldermen form of government (also known as the “code charter” form) is

today used by approximately 95 percent of Mississippi’s nearly 300 municipalities, despite the

fact that this governmental arrangement is the product of a period when the functions of

1Much of the material in this chapter is derived from Dana B. Brammer and John W. Winkle III,

eds., A Manual of Mississippi Municipal Government, 4th ed. (Public Policy Research Center,

The University of Mississippi, 1987), p. 18-32. The “comments” found at the end of the

description of each form of government are extracted from Dana B. Brammer, “Forms of

Municipal Government,” in Mississippi Municipal Profile (Center for Policy Research and

Planning, Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning; Public Policy Research Center,

University of Mississippi; and Mississippi Municipal Association, 1991), p. 17-24. For this 2011

edition minor revisions to the text of this chapter have been made by the editors.