Internship Program


The City of Moss Point's intern program was created to provide opportunities for college students to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of governmental processes through pre-professional work experiences in various occupational fields. 

Internship Job Description

  1. Terrance Bradley Website (2)

    Terance Bradley

    Summer Intern

  2. Marcus Haynes, Jr. Website (2)

    Marcus Haynes, Jr.

    Summer Intern

  3. Kobe Long Website (2)

    Kobe Long

    Summer Intern

  4. Carlos Matthews Website (2)

    Carlos Matthews

    Summer Intern

  5. Jeremy Reese Website (2)

    Jeremy Reese

    Summer Intern

  6. Sonetta Richardson Website (2)

    Sonnetta Richardson

    Summer Intern

  7. Tierra Washington Website (2)

    Tierra Washington

    Summer Intern