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March 18, 2020 12:48 PM

How Municipalities are Responding to COVID-19

How Municipalities are Responding

I have summarized the responses we have received from all city and county government leaders on steps they have taken in responding to the current situation. We continue to ask that you share how your city is responding to this event by posting the information in this form. Click here to complete the form. If you have new information, you can submit as many times as you would like. You can see all responses in real-time: Review Municipal Coronavirus Responses

• Cleaning & Sanitizing constantly
• Additional Cleaning staff added to some buildings.
• Reminding employees that they should practice social distancing amongst themselves and not just the public
• Wearing gloves while handling money
• Parks
o Some have closed Parks
o Some have limited the number of people gathering in parks
• Canceling all City Events, Special Event Request, and facility rentals.
• Closed or limited Public Access to all Municipal Building
• Passed Declaration for the State of Emergency
• Passed Administrative Leave Policy
• Reduced to Skelton Staff and Setting up employees to work from home.
• Asking all employees to temperature check before work every morning. Anyone with a fever must stay home.
• Inform citizens how to pay utility bills & court fines through a dropbox, online, drive-thru or over the phone.
• Helped Restaurants on Main Street by designating To Go Parking spaces at each restaurant.
• For municipal court case, rescheduled. All hearing with defendants that are currently incarcerated will be heard as scheduled.
• All parties attending court are asked to stay in their cars until their attorneys call for them.
• Allowing and requiring employees time to wash and as frequently as possible.
• Using Social Media to continue to remind the public of the MS Department of Health & CDC recommendations.
• Stopped all employee travel
• Installed a glass at customer counters to protect employees from customers
• Employees who are at higher risk (age 60 and over or with serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease) are encouraged to take administrative leave with pay.
• All Rental Inspections have been discontinued until further notice.
• All Fire and Building Inspections that are yearly and biannual will be discontinued for existing businesses until further notice.
• All Building Inspections for new facilities (empty, not open to the public, and with limited use/visitation) will be assessed based on the discretion of the Building Inspector and Fire Chief.
• Article Summarizing Actions Oxford, MS approved last night:
o closure of all restaurant dining rooms in Oxford, shifting them to utilize drive-thru, curbside pick-up or delivery methods for 15 days. The resolution takes affect at 6 a.m. on March 18 and will run for 15 days, which would conclude on April 2. This measure includes all bars that serve food as well….Other options that are included in the resolution include giving Tannehill the authority to close all retail liquor stores and the “discontinuance of intoxicating liquor and/or beer.” The mayor also has the power to order a general curfew to “such geographical areas of the municipality, or to the municipality as a whole” to any days or hours that Tannehill deems necessary. Neither of those options were discussed during Tuesday’s meeting, and a curfew did not go into effect with the passing of the resolution. Full article here:

MSU Extension Coronavirus Resources
The MSU Extension Service is rapidly developing resources that you can use to share with your citizens. Many of these resources can be printed or shared on social media. If you need assistance let me know.
Coronavirus Videos
• Ways to Engage Your Children When Confined to the Home
• Simple Steps to Stay Healthy
• How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus
• Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Terminology
• Who is at Risk for the Coronavirus?
• How to Recognize Credible Coronavirus Information
• Hand Washing Demonstration

Coronavirus Posters (English, Spanish, other languages)
The CDC has posters available at . These are in PDF format. If you need assistance in converting them to an image to use on social media let me know.

Video Conferencing Solutions
I know some of you may be looking for solutions to bring your employees together remotely, meet with individuals one on one, or communicate with employees who may be working from home. There are many options but one free and easy to use solution is Zoom Meeting. It can be used on any device, but the most hassle-free way is on a mobile device since the microphone and camera are built-in. The free version allows you to hold unlimited one on one meetings, 40 minutes time limit on meetings with three or more total participants. It also always you to record the meeting and share the desktop or other documents. If you need additional capacity there are paid plans you can explore.

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