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Sign Permit Application

  2. Owner Information
  3. ** In the case of lease agreement, a copy of the lease agreement must be attached to the permit application**
  4. Contractor Information
  5. ** Every sign contractor shall provide proof of certificate of liability to indemnify the City of Moss Point against any form of liability to a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars($100,000.00), OR shall be responsible through any agency or subcontractor.**
  6. Sign Information
  7. Zoning District( Check one that applies)
  8. i.e.( Temporary, Monument, Projecting, etc.)
  9. ** Please attach a clear and legible drawing with description and nominal dimension, showing location of the sign which is the subject of the permit, and all other existing signs are on the premises.**
  10. For more information on the City of Moss Point Sign Ordinance please visit
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