Moss Point Fire Department

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prevent the loss of life and property resulting from fires, medical emergencies and other disasters. Moss Point Fire Department provides protection, safety, and education to a population of 15,000 and covers an area of approximately twenty-seven (27) square miles within the corporate limits.

In addition to its corporate limits Moss Point Fire provides mutual aid services to the Escatawpa Utility District approximately ten (10) square miles north of city corporate limits. Within the Moss Point jurisdiction there are a total of five (5) fire stations.

Organizational Structure

The Moss Point Fire Department is a career department with 38 career fire fighters.  Our organizational structure is as follows: Day staff includes  1 - Fire Chief and 1 - Captain over training & inspections.  Our operations staffing: Consist of 3 - 12 man shifts which work 24 hours per shift.  Our total department make up is as follows:

  • Fire Chief
  • 3  Battalion Chiefs
  • 12  Lieutenants
  • 21  Fire Fighters
  • 1 Fire Captain Training & Inspections


  • One (1) 75' ladder truck
  • One (1) rescue/extrication unit
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Rescue Boat
  • Two (2) reserve pumpers
  • Four (4) mainline pumpers