Mayor Mario King

"Rejuvenate Moss Point" 

Mission Statement

Building a sustainable Moss Point through progressive leadership, fiscal transparency, and public safety while enhancing quality of life through equity, economic growth, and diversity.

mayor pic

Mayor Mario King is the youngest mayor in Moss Point's history and currently the youngest serving mayor in the state of Mississippi. His roots with the city extend beyond his political affiliations, as King is a long-time resident of Moss Point and a 2006 graduate of the city’s education system. King is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Human Capital Development also at the University of Southern Mississippi. King is married to Natasha King, a therapist who is also a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi. The Mayor’s ‘Eagle Pride’ is evident with the memorabilia in his office. Mayor King also has two young daughters who enjoy local ecotourism activities such as kayaking, paddle boating, and the family has been engaged in the local Audubon Center and Gator Ranch. 

Mayor King’s passion for the city’s riverfronts has inspired him to make Moss Point the “waterfront venue of the coast.” As a part of his goal over the next four years, King envisions Moss Point as the place to kayak, take boat tours, and enjoy the riverfront and water as a tourist attraction. He plans to feature Moss Point as one of the country’s greatest ecotourism attraction and destinations for people of all ages. 

Mayor King’s background stems from working with education and health care policy as a lobbyist. Also, he has been very influential in the African American Community working on health disparities and as a published scholar on topics identifying the gap in cancer research as it relates to African Americans. Furthermore, Mayor King’s policy work in education has been at the forefront of his passion for putting students first. He has created a literacy program for students across the county he serves and has made substantial policy strides across the county in education equity work. He has also led several "Rejuvenate Moss Point" campaigns to restore, rebuild, and breathe new life into the community so that the City can reach its full potential.

Mayor's Office: 4320 McInnis, Avenue Moss Point, MS 39563 (Mayors Suite)