Mayor Mario King

"Rejuvenate Moss Point" 

Mission Statement

Building a sustainable Moss Point through progressive leadership, fiscal transparency, and public safety while enhancing quality of life through equity, economic growth, and diversity.

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The City’s mission and vision have always been my motivation and guide on this journey. Leaders, particularly elected leaders, are often driven by opinion and popularity, but not me. When I was elected mayor, I took an oath to do the right thing, and that does not always mean making the most popular decisions. I must make decisions that are effective and efficient and - get the right things done.

Over the past three years, I have made news headlines across the Mississippi Gulf Coast for many different reasons. However, it is a part of my role as an effective mayor. I am appreciative of the opportunity that many people have given me to come inside their homes through social media, television, radio, or print media. Nevertheless, my goal is never to entertain but to elevate the issues, increase awareness, motivate grassroots change, transform lives, innovate communities, and make a difference.

I lead with courage. Leading from fear is an invitation of oppression, and when at the forefront of change, one must be resilient even when faced with adversity. Leadership requires a strong presence of tolerance and patience, especially when undertaking some of the more sensitive issues such as diversity and inclusion, gang activity, equity issues, and who gets the contracts. Moving a community from the bottom to the top means gathering a uniform consensus that yields a sense of urgency for change and progress.

I focus on providing my team, community, and stakeholders with the necessary tools to be empowered. The inclusive environment that I have created serves as the engine for driving the City forward. An inclusive environment means reassuring and respecting diverse opinions and supporting honest and open dialogue. An environment that consents to robust discussions, spirited arguments, and sometimes vigorous debates enhances respect and allows for innovative and critical thinking. We must not be afraid to disagree but understand that there is power when our frustration and passion challenge us to think. As Mayor, I have been disappointed, but never angry, as I learned growing up that anger only takes from a person. Being proactive in our work is essential, and sometimes there are necessary steps that must be taken to achieve the desired goal.

I have had to use litigation as one of those steps and as a formal tool of disagreement. Litigation is a means of pushing both sides to think and develop fact-based arguments, solutions to challenges, and understand the rationale of choices. Self-awareness is a tool of competence about oneself or the community that we cannot escape. I want my community to be self-aware and see the strength of self-worth and self-respect.

While I value input from a diverse group of advisors and resources, I never seek the opinion or validation of man: It is God who leads my path. Knowing yourself, understanding your weaknesses, but not submitting to them, are values and characteristics that we should all possess as people and a community.

As we celebrate the impact of rejuvenation, we should still stop to realize that we have a long way to go, but now we have a comprehensive and inclusive approach and plan. We must increase voter turnout as our numbers are not a true reflection of our community. We must read more, listen, and talk less so that we can have a more intentional discussion about our City. 

Among the most crucial community conversations should be leadership capacity and the ability to execute and manage change, especially in the midst of chaos. As we have learned through past natural disasters and the COVID-19 crisis, change and disruption can happen quickly. Change-leadership is vital to the success and sustainability of any municipality. For me, leading change with the spirit of rejuvenation in mind and remaining fair, firm, and consistent is rewarding.

As a young man growing up in Moss Point, there were many people that I looked to for guidance. Some didn’t even know I was watching. We are all vital to someone, which means you are a role model, and your actions could depict the future of our community. As you read the accomplishments and success of our great City, I want you to know that your support, actions, and even non-action have served as an inspiration for me to do more.

My wife and children are my greatest inspiration and support system, and there is nothing that could ever separate or interfere with our bond. My wife Natasha and I have a growing family, and we are so appreciative of this experience.

I would like to personally say thank you to all the individuals who have been key influencers in this administration so far.  Let us continue to work together and “Rejuvenate Our Communities Together.